Ethertronics - Ethertronics is a leading provider of embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices. Ethertronics’ leading-edge product lines, including Prestta™ stamped metal, Savvi™ ceramic, and Tavvel™ active antennas support a wide range of wireless applications including cellular, M2M, LTE, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, GPS, FM, MediaFLO, Analog Mobile TV, CMMB, ISDB-T, and DVB-H/T among others.
Ethertronics’ embedded antenna solutions are designed using the company’s patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMDTM) technology, enabling Ethertronics to confine the electromagnetic currents on the antenna element to deliver higher isolation. With higher isolation, Ethertronics’ technology delivers a powerful combination of maximizing network coverage, shrinking antenna size and lowering emissions. These benefits significantly reduce time-to-market and design risks for Ethertronics’ customers, while improving connectivity, battery life and data rates for end-users. Ethertronics’ antennas have been selected by major customers worldwide garnering an installed base of over 250 million units.

Headquartered in San Diego, Ethertronics’ global footprint of design centers and high-volume, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities span from the United States to China, Korea, Europe and Taiwan. The company’s award-winning technology has secured more than 50 patents.

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