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TE Connectivity DEUTSCH INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL TRANSPORTATION - TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors are heavy-duty connectors designed to withstand dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain. DEUTSCH connectors are constructed of rugged thermoplastic or durable aluminum and feature silicone seals and grommets that help prevent contamination. The connectors are available in rectangular and cylindrical body shapes and accommodate wire gauges from 4 AWG to 22 AWG (25 mm2 - 0.35 mm2).
DEUTSCH connectors are offered in cavity arrangements from 1 to 128 and with in-line, flange, and PCB mount options. The connectors utilize contacts that can be used interchangeably across several DEUTSCH connector product lines, which helps improve performance, reliability, and maintainability by reducing changes in the assembly of the wire harness. Several accessory items are also available to meet specific design requirements, including boots, gaskets, backshells, wire routers, and mounting clips.

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