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Critical Link - Critical Link is an embedded systems development firm with expertise in a broad range of electronics applications. We provide end-to-end product engineering and custom, configurable platforms used as product building blocks. We help our customers bring their products to market more rapidly and cost-effectively than they could otherwise.
With Critical Link, our customers are able to tap expertise and experience that’s field proven by the number of new product designs (and legacy product redesigns) we've had a hand in. Our expertise and experience isn't just what's in our heads, it's incorporated in the design of our leading-edge digital processing platforms — the MityDSP® engine and the MityCCD, our high-performance scientific camera. Embedding the MityDSP® or the MityCCD in their new or legacy products gives our customers a long head start on their product development. Working with Critical Link to customize the platform and make it their own takes them the last mile. Once your product is on the market, Critical Link's production services can manufacture your custom platforms.

Critical Link LLC, is headquartered in Syracuse, New York and is privately held. Since 1997, we've been providing our products and services to a broad range of industries.

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