Ni Guangnan: Chips and basic software are two shortcomings in China's manufacturing core technology

Date: Nov 5, 2018From:

   At the meeting, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech entitled "The Pain of China's Manufacturing Core Technology." He said that the shortcomings of China's core technology are mainly from the chip field and basic software. 

          n the context of the upcoming 5G era, this conference will focus on next-generation display technologies such as 4K/8K Ultra HD and printing technology/flexible display/Micro LED /Mini LED/laser display, artificial intelligence technology, high-end smart chips , mobile and Intelligent entertainment terminals, etc., in the 5G era, how to mutually support each other, jointly promote the intelligent development of the audio and video industry, enjoy the great achievements of reform and opening up, and help achieve a better life for smart families.

          Academician Ni Guangnan said that it is impossible to ignore the level of China's chip design because the chip is a short board, and to find the right focus, and prepare for the shortcoming after a decade or two of hard work. At the same time, we must overcome the tendency of “hard and soft”, including setting up software funds as soon as possible, and effectively filling the shortcomings of the basic software. We must also be good at seizing opportunities and using the advantages of "long board" to achieve "curve" or "change lane" overtaking.
   Academician Ni Guangnan said that the chip short board is mainly characterized by imbalances in all aspects of the chip's industrial chain, including the following aspects: 
  for example, the chip design level is not bad, but the production level is poor; the localization ratio of integrated circuit production equipment is not high; Materials are heavily dependent on imports; design tools (EDA) rely entirely on imports. 
  However, he also mentioned that the country is now strongly supported by the IC Fund, the first phase of 140 billion yuan, the second phase of about 260 million yuan, the community has been involved, it is expected to fill this after more than 10 years A short board. 
  The basic software is mainly represented in the intelligent terminal operating system (desktop, mobile phone, etc.), as well as large-scale industrial software (including CAE, CAD, CAM, etc.). Academician Ni Guangnan pointed out that these softwares are large in scale, monopolistic and have a long development cycle. China's market in this respect is basically monopolized by foreign countries. It not only pays a lot of money in the economy, but also has major security risks. The shortcomings of basic software are no less than the shortcomings of chips. 
  He added that compared with the current "chips" in the chip field, there are almost no "software funds" like "IC funds" to support the development of software, and I hope that relevant parties will pay attention to them. 
   Of course, China also has its own long-term platform in the field of online information, mainly "Internet applications" and "new generation information technology". Academician Ni Guangnan said that in these respects, we have a small gap with developed countries and it is easy to catch up with them. Because, in the above-mentioned fields, China's advantage is that it has the world's richest scientific and technological human resources, the largest market, the world's second largest economy, the country's preferential policies and so on.