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Date:Nov 30, 2018From: Nexperia

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BCPxT/BCPxH Series Transistors

Nexperia's robust and efficient medium power AEC-Q101 qualified transistors in SOT223 SMD plastic packages

Image of Nexperia's BCPxT/BCPxH Series TransistorsNexperia's BCPxT and BCPxH series transistors come in SOT223 packages and are ideally suited for medium power applications. They have high-power dissipation capability along with high energy efficiency. There are several complementary pairs of NPN and PNP transistors within this series that can meet several consumer needs ranging from amplifiers to linear voltage regulators.

  • High collector current capability IC and ICM
  • Three current gain selections
  • High power dissipation capability
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Linear voltage regulators
  • MOSFET drivers
  • High-side switches
  • Power management
  • Amplifiers
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