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Date:Nov 28, 2018From: ON Semiconductor

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NCV816x and NCP16x Ultra-High PSRR LDO Regulators

ON Semiconductor's NCV816x and NCP16x linear regulators provide a clean power supply

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Image of ON Semiconductor's NCV816X and NCP16x Ultra-High PSRR LDO RegulatorsON Semiconductor's NCV816x and NCP16x families are linear regulators capable of supplying 250 mA to 700 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF and analog circuits, the NCV816x and NCP16x families provides low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and very good load/line transients. The devices are designed to work with a 1 µF input and a 1 µF output ceramic capacitor.

  • Industry-leading PSRR performance of 98 dB
  • Improved image sensor picture quality by filtering out power supply noise
  • Maximize power-per-bit efficiency by providing a clean power supply
NCV816x for Automotive Image Sensors   NCP16x for Wireless Connectivity
  • High PSRR over a wide frequency range (1 kHz to 1 MHz)
  • High efficiency with low dropout capability
  • Small packages for easy integration into camera modules
  • Ultra-high PSRR for noise sensitive Wi-Fi modules
  • Low quiescent current ideal for battery powered applications
  • Maintains signal integrity with ultra-low noise performance

Image of ON Semiconductor's NCV816x for Automotive Image Sensors


Image of ON Semiconductor's NCP16x for Wireless Connectivity

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